2019 Heavenly Beers

-Core Year Round Beers-

Sucha Much – India Pale Ale

Sucha Much starts with Nugget hops for bittering and finishes with Citra hops to add the flavor and aroma of citrus. We also use 5 malts to bring in the balance. Did I mention hops?
Thanks to musician Paul Cebar for giving us permission use the cool name.
Available in 12oz cans and draft, (16oz cans coming soon!)

Kalona Classic – Light Lager

For the beer drinker who enjoys lighter beers. Our unique take on the style is a light, clean, refreshing craft beer with full flavor.
Available in 16oz cans and draft

-Seasonal Beers-

Good Day Sunshine – Honey Wheat Ale

March release
Welcome the warmth of spring. A malty and bready ale with an underlying honey sweetness, provided by the Mount Vernon-based bees of Ebert Honey.
Available in 16oz cans and draft

*NEW* First Birdie – Vienna Style Lager

April release
Amber in color, this Austrian-style lager tees off with a malty creaminess, playing through to a clean and smooth finish with subtle notes of nuttiness and chocolate. Perhaps it has been said that “golf is a good walk spoiled”, but certainly not by someone who has had a First Birdie on the course.
4.9% ABV
Available in 16 oz cans and draft

Sheer Madness – Dark Wheat Ale

May release
A rocky, light tan head and a sweet malt aroma sits atop this dark presence waiting to pay its respects to your palate with a touch of sweet malt followed by hints of caramel, roasty grain and chocolate through the middle, finishing with a medium dry roastiness. A dark beer with a light taste, that’s Sheer Madness!
5.5% ABV
Available in 12oz cans and draft

Quick Wit – Belgian Wheat

May release
A crisp, refreshing wheat beer with flavors of clove, coriander, citrus and banana.
5.0% ABV
Available in 12oz cans and draft

Free Range – Honey Kolsch

July release
A crisp lawnmower beer with a hint of honey on the finish, all thanks to the free range bees of Ebert Honey in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
4.7% ABV
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Hot Mess – Double IPA

July release *And a pop up appearance February 2019*
Hot Mess beckons with a creamy head, a hop candy aroma, and a brilliant orange amber appearance that beguiles the senses. As lace lines your glass, savor the delightful hop bitterness holding its own against a ginormous malt backbone. Not for the timid!
8.3% ABV
Available in draft and 16oz cans

Limber Legs Lager – Oktoberfest

August release
The Oktoberfest tradition started with the celebration of the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig in 1810. This festive beer embodies Oktoberfest with a brilliant amber appearance, and flavors of toasted malt with hints of caramel and a whisper of noble hops. Prost!
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Lewbricator – Doppelbock

September release
Bronze Winner of the 2019 Best of Craft Beer Awards German-Style Doppelbock Category
Sweet malt and a hint of roast creates a smooth, easy drinking doppelbock that makes you say, “more please.” This beer has a special place in the heart of our Co-Founder, Lew Brewer.
7.5% ABV
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Start-Up Stout – Coffee Stout

October release
Bold coffee blended with chocolate delivers a well-balanced elixir equally enjoyable at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Brewed with locally roasted coffee from Cafe Del Sol in Iowa City.
Available in 16oz cans and draft

You Be You – Imperial Stout

November release
A rich and robust imperial stout with roasted malt and hints of molasses and licorice. We named this beer in honor of a member of our community who has been telling young people for decades, “You Be You.”
Available in draft and 12 oz cans

Coconut Abbey – Belgian Style Ale

February release
Steeped with real coconut, this beer's mission is to treat the senses with the smashingly smooth flavor twist on the traditional golden and frothy, malt-rich tripel Belgian ale. Perfect for drinking from your chalice, or right out of the can.
9.2% ABV
Available in 12oz cans and draft

-Seasonal Draft Only Beers-

Noodle’s Pale Ale

*NEW* On tap March 2019
The first in our new Brew Pup Series featuring our KBC staff's cool canines, Noodle's Pale Ale is named after the lovable Goldendoodle of owners Ted and Becky Nagy. Noodle is 10 years old, but plays like a big, fluffy puppy; her beer is copper in color with a lightly bready/malty front giving way to a pleasing hop finish.
A dry hopping of Mosaic, Centennial, and Iowa-grown Chinook gives a strong hop nose right from the start. And like Noodle, this brew is extremely easy to get along with.
4.9% ABV

Aloha Iowa – Belgian Pineapple

April release
A Belgian Blonde Ale that pours with a light golden color and delivers a smooth and malty backbone. The addition of pineapple gives you a refreshing change of pace and a taste of the islands right here in the Midwest.
Available in draft

Dubbel Night Vision – Belgian Dubbel

October release
This dark Belgian Strong Ale is a must-try with tasting notes of plum, cherry, and hints of chocolate and raisin, and complex combinations of dark fruit, clove, and coriander in the aroma, all coming together in a smooth and sweet finish.
Available in draft


RED GREEN - Irish Red Ale
New and specially brewed for St. Patrick’s Day with East Kent Goldings hops and Nottingham yeast, this Irish red ale has a dark amber color and soft mouthfeel, with slight hints of roast and caramel, leading to a pleasantly dry finish. The flavors and aromas work in tandem to create a most drinkable pint. Sláinte!
4.3% ABV

Aged for six months in Koval bourbon barrels, the chocolate and dark malts of the doppelbock style are intensified, balancing the oak tannins and bourbon sweetness.
Very limited release
7.5% ABV

A Chai Spice Dopplebock: AKA Your New Favorite Dessert Beer
7.3% ABV

TRANSPORTER - Coconut Chocolate Porter
A robust porter with notes of chocolate, coconut and smoke.
6.2% ABV

A throwback to our opening year at KBC and an old favorite to many patrons, this dark and roasty winter IPA has black and dark chocolate malts intertwined with simcoe, citra and amarillo hops creating this full bodied and hop forward black IPA.
6.6 % ABV

MARCH FIRKIN- Sucha Much Oak Spiral
Our IPA aged with oak and served through a traditional beer engine. Available for a very limited time.
7.1% ABV

Stop in often to find special small batch beers available only at our restaurant. Make sure to ask about our to-go beers including growlers, canned beer and kegs.

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