2020 Heavenly Beers

KBC Beer In-House, and for Pickup & Delivery

The restaurant, bar and beer garden are open (limited to groups of 10 people and under; all groups are spaced 6 ft apart).

Call us at 319-656-3335 Wednesday, Thursday, 11am-8pm; Friday & Saturday, 11am-9pm; and Sunday 11am-8pm for to-go beer, plus home delivery to Kalona, Wellman, Washington and Riverside (food menus here). Payment for beer is required when ordering, and IDs are checked upon delivery.

We do make keg & case weekly deliveries around eastern and central Iowa to front doors. Email Cody, cody.r@kalonabrewery.com and we’ll contact you to arrange the delivery date and approximate time.

Right now, growlers with a fill are 20% off for any beer on tap; a new growler will be required each time for health safety (only $4 for the glass growler/included in the discount for the entire growler order).

Growler selections include: Aloha Iowa Pineapple Belgian Ale, 6.3% ABV, $20; Kalona Classic Light Lager, 4.1% ABV, $16; Sucha Much IPA, 7.1% ABV, $16; Good Day Sunshine, 5.1% ABV; Quick Wit Belgian Witbier, 5.1% ABV, $16; Horse Power Hefeweizen, 5.2% ABV, $20; Folkstyle Belgian Quad, 10.7% ABV, $22; Blu-feweizen Blueberry Hefe, 5.0% ABV, $22; Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Wit, 5.1% ABV, $20; Classic Sunset Citrus Lager, 4.1% ABV, $20; Block Party New England IPA, 5.8% ABV, $20

Packs of cans and cases are available at Kalona Brewery and at Hy-Vees and select shops across Eastern and Central Iowa for Kalona Classic Light Lager, Quick Wit Belgian Wit Ale, Sucha Much IPA, and Block Party New England-Style IPA, and now Aloha Iowa Pineapple Belgian Ale, and First Birdie Vienna Lager.

Kalona Classic, $7.99 (16oz, 6pk) or $14.99 (12oz, 12pk); Sucha Much, $8.99 (16oz, 4pk); Block Party, $10.99 (12oz, 6pk); Quick Wit, $8.99 (12oz, 6pk) or Variety Pack (1 of each can), $10.99; and Aloha Iowa, $7.99 (12oz, 4pk); First Birdie, $8.99 (16oz, 4pk); Horse Power, $7.99 (12 oz, 4pk)

Case prices (24 cans): Kalona Classic, $31.96; Quick Wit, $35.96; Block Party, $43.96 Sucha Much, $53.94; Aloha Iowa, $51.30; First Birdie, $57.72

Please call KBC at 319-656-3335 with questions, or email brewery sales manager Cody Rose, cody.r@kalonabrewery.com with any beer delivery questions.

-Core Year Round Beers-

Sucha Much India Pale Ale

This vivid IPA wows with citrus and hops; a beautiful bitter defined by a sharp, fruity flavor and aroma, with five malts bringing in the balance.
Thanks to musician Paul Cebar for giving us permission use the cool name. (Pronounced Such-a Much)
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Kalona Classic Light Lager

For the uncompromising light lager lover, a classic style with KBC quality; full-flavored, light, clean, and craft.
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Small Batch & Seasonal Beers, Draft & Cans

Aloha Iowa Pineapple Belgian-Style Ale

Kalani in Hawaiian means “heavens & sky,” written in English as kalona! Steeped with real pineapple, our sunshine-invoking blonde ale rides the waves with a smooth and malty backbone, transporting the magic of the islands to the Midwest.
Photo: Proud Hawaiian native, and long-time Kalona, Iowa resident, Pua H.
6.3% ABV
Available in draft and12 oz cans

Block Party New England-Style Hazy IPA

In the “Quilt Capital of Iowa,” we know how to party. Notes of juicy, sparkling citrus are sewn through this light-straw-colored IPA, crafted perfectly with a wheat-embroidered grain bill for a natural haze.
5.8 % ABV
Available in draft; 12 oz cans coming soon

Dubbel Night Vision Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale

Envision the rich darkness of this dubbel with a complex aroma of dark fruit, clove, and coriander blurring together with tasting notes of plum, cherry, chocolate and raisin into a smooth-sweet finish....
Available in draft and 12 oz cans

First Birdie Vienna Style Lager

Spring release
Amber in color, this Austrian-style lager tees off with a malty creaminess, playing through to a clean and smooth finish with subtle notes of nuttiness and chocolate. Perhaps it has been said that “golf is a good walk spoiled”, but certainly not by someone who has had a First Birdie on the course.
4.9% ABV
Available in 16 oz cans and draft

Good Day Sunshine Honey Wheat Ale

Mid-June release
Welcome the warmth of summer with our malty and bready ale that pleases the palate with a balanced honey sweetness (provided by the local Mount Vernon-based bees of Ebert Honey!).
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Hot Mess Double IPA

Hot Mess beckons with a creamy head, a hop candy aroma, and a brilliant orange amber appearance that beguiles the senses. As lace lines your glass, savor the delightful hop bitterness holding its own against a ginormous malt backbone. Not for the timid!
8.3% ABV
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Lewbricator Doppelbock

Autumn release
Bronze Winner of the 2019 Best of Craft Beer Awards German-Style Doppelbock Category
Sweet malt and a hint of roast creates a smooth, easy drinking doppelbock that makes you say, “more please.” This beer has a special place in the heart of KBC's founding brewer, Lew Brewer.
7.5% ABV
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Old Soul Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Anniversary Release - September
Big, yet unassuming, this limited release ale has tasting notes of plum, date, raisin and chocolate which sit on the tongue and blanket the mouth.
We brewed this beer with thought and love both for our KBC anniversary and in memory of a good friend who left us too soon, S.W.
9.3% ABV

Sheer Madness Dark Wheat Ale

A rocky, light tan head and a sweet malt aroma sits atop this dark presence waiting to pay its respects to your palate with a touch of sweet malt followed by hints of caramel, roasty grain and chocolate through the middle, finishing with a medium dry roastiness. A dark beer with a light taste, that’s Sheer Madness!
5.5% ABV
Available in 12oz cans and draft

Start-Up Stout Coffee Chocolate Stout

Bold coffee blended with chocolate delivers a well-balanced elixir equally enjoyable at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Brewed with locally roasted coffee from Cafe Del Sol in Iowa City.
Available in 16oz cans and draft

Quick Wit Belgian-Style Wit Ale

Spring release
Crisp and refreshing, this wheat beer is defined with flavors of clove, coriander, citrus and banana, pouring a golden straw color with a solid, white head. Dried sweet and bitter orange peels are used along with the coriander to bring out the subtle nuances of citrus and spices, complementing the malt and yeast of this seasonal ale.
5.0% ABV
Available in 12oz cans and draft

You Be You Imperial Stout

A rich and robust imperial stout with roasted malt and hints of molasses and licorice. We named this beer in honor of a member of our Kalona-area community who has been telling friends for decades, “You Be You.”
10.2% ABV
Available in draft and 12 oz cans

-Small Batch Draft-Only Beers-

Classic Sunset

A subtle citrus blood orange light lager for the Kalona Classic lover that daydreams about afternoons at the lake.
4.1% ABV

Folk Style Belgian-Style Quad Ale

Our new Belgian-style strong ale weighs in at 10.7% ABV, taking the first shots with notes of raisin, plum and dark fruit with an underpinning of subtle chocolate. Mellow and malty with a light mouthfeel, this quad surprises, finishing smooth.

Fresh Ink Black Ale

A new brew from KBC for the year-around dark beer lovers, Fresh Ink can be considered an American stout or black ale. Just two hop pitches in the boil kettle, with an added hint of dark chocolate and black wheat, create a low hop profile and smooth mouthfeel for this inky-colored sessionable beer. 4.9% ABV

The name of this beer is a nod to the owner and operator of Kalona Graphics, Anthony “Spit” Spitzer, featured on the label, a Kalona native and resident whose family founded the printing business in 1976.

Horse Power American Hefeweizen

The days are short, make hay with our sessionable hefe. The balanced, floral Tettnanger hop is reined three times, pulling through a smooth flavor that joins down-to-earth breadiness from Munich malt and white wheat, with subtle tasting notes of clove and banana to close the gate.
5.1% ABV

Tree Stand Pilsner

Named as a shout out to our local hunters who deserve a crisp and refreshing German Pilsner, the straw-colored beer starts out with a slight floral aroma from noble hops and offers a light clean flavor with a smooth and slightly feel mouthfeel from an elegant grain bill that includes Pilsner malt and flaked corn.
4.9% ABV


A witbier, to comfort your soul and please your palette, with pure raspberry, giving your beer experience an extra bit of 'wow'.
5.1% ABV

RED ROVER Cherry Belgian-Style Ale
Red Rover, Red Rover, send this Belgian right over! Both sweet and tart cherry head your way in this KBC team favorite-ale, pouring with a light red glow and delivering a smooth and malty backbone.
6.3% ABV

BLU-FEWEIZEN Blueberry Hefeweizen
Real blueberry naturally compliments this delicious wheat ale. Silly name! Good beer. 5.1% ABV

Call in to hear what new special small batch beers are on tap or available soon. Ask about our to-go beers including growlers, canned beer and kegs.

You can find Kalona Brewing Company beer at shops and taps across Eastern and Central Iowa.
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Looking for a keg for your home kegerator but not near Kalona? Ask your local liquor store about Kalona Brewing Company kegs. For sales-related inquiries contact Cody Rose, Sales and Distribution Manager at cody.r at kalonabrewery dot com